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Webinar: Empowering Nonprofits with Salesforce AI

In today's digital age, staying ahead means embracing innovation. Luckily, Salesforce offers a suite of AI tools that can provide huge benefits to nonprofits.

In this webinar, Jeremiah Kincaid, VP of Salesforce Consulting at DB Services, explores how Salesforce AI technologies can benefit nonprofits. During the session, we discussed practical use cases for the Einstein suite of products and best practices for implementing AI responsibly in your Salesforce org.

We also showed live demos of several Einstein products and provided valuable insights for nonprofit leaders seeking to leverage Salesforce AI tools effectively.


In this webinar, we explored how nonprofits can maximize their impact by using Salesforce's AI tools. Here are a few highlights that were discussed:

  • How to use AI responsibly in your organization

  • How to use Salesforce's Einstein suite of tools to 

    • Analyze your data 

    • Build predictions about your donors

    • Service your constituents more quickly & accurately

    • Utilize ChatGPT to automate manual tasks

If you have questions about anything discussed in the session or want assistance implementing AI features into your Salesforce org, please contact us and let's discuss what we can accomplish together.

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