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Case Studies

Hera Solutions, Inc. Transforms Amazon DSP Management with Innovative Web App Hyde Park Art Center Makes Art More Accessible with Custom Website Greater St. Louis, Inc. Implements a Unified Salesforce Solution Canal Alliance Optimizes Salesforce with Managed Services Plan United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County Implements Salesforce as Single Source of Truth Floodplain Consultants Inc. Enhances Client Portal Security Lafayette Urban Ministry Improves Volunteer Tracking with FileMaker Steel Art Company Improves Order Fulfillment Process with Custom FileMaker Go App Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Streamlines Workflow with Salesforce Integration Jackson Systems, LLC Chooses Custom Tableau CRM Implementation Crestone Capital, LLC Optimizes Trade Execution and Review With Custom Salesforce Development AvAudit FileMaker Application Soars to New Heights Intermountain Food Equipment, Inc. Merges Salesforce Environments After Acquisition Mesa Garden Integrates FileMaker with WooCommerce Wright Patterson Air Force Base Chooses FileMaker WebDirect for Inventory Management IU School of Medicine Research Lab Tracks Specimens with FileMaker Barcode System Major League Baseball Coach Finds a FileMaker Coach Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Upgrades FileMaker System Bankers Life And Casualty Creative Services Department Chooses FileMaker for Project Management Eli Lilly Goes International with FileMaker Pro Drake University Marketing & Communication Department Upgrades To FileMaker Pro Turning Star, Inc. Upgrades FileMaker Pro System New Horizon Treatment Center Gets Connected with FileMaker Pro Barnard Babysitting Agency Website Integrated with FileMaker Printing Made Easy in FileMaker Pro at IU Document Service Centers PeopleCare Inc. Switches to FileMaker Pro


Kevin Hammond Jeremiah Kincaid Michael Westendorf Kiyan Allaei Devin Drake Brandon Terrell Leah Bass Ben Colter Jacqueline Doe Jared Ellison Trey Hensing Mary Hodges Marvelle Ihekona Matthew Kocanda Alex Mellinger Lacey Ray Maria Thompson Chelsea Wheatley Kevin Boehle Andrew Bosworth Patrick Evans Sam Gallagher Aaron Kaiser Sean Dwyer Dylan Frechette Sarah Goletz Bryan Guevara Jonathan Hay Cletis Jones Joshua Law Austin Wilson Michael Wyda Reed Brown Austin Carie Grant Gonzalez Credo Ishimwe Katherine Knauss Summer Law Tanner Stanley Jason Swan
"We were actually able to add more features than we thought would be possible within our budget. We always experienced a ‘can do’ attitude and DB Services was incredibly patient and easy to work with."
Courtney Hartman
Art Director
"The new FileMaker custom website interface is very user-friendly and easy to follow for our clients. In addition, it is much faster than the old Instant Web Publishing (IWP) interface. Thank you and all the others who have helped us out at DB Services. I am very grateful for the excellent service you provide us. Its nice to know we can call you for help if we have an issue."
Wayne Capek
"We needed a solution that would simplify the administration of our responsibilities under our contract with the State of Indiana. We have seen a dramatic increase across the state in the number of potential foster and adoptive parents that have begun the preparation and training process. This increase has resulted in a significant opportunity for children available for adoption. That’s a big win for everyone! And it’s all because we can refer potential parents to the proper state contacts efficiently and quickly."
Chris Morrison
Executive Director
"Thank you for all of your expertise and valuable help. I am so grateful to have found DB Services."
Linda Findlay
"Thank you for our new database system. We transitioned from a carbon copy paper based system to a digital database. The software has saved us time and money. We used to archive all our jobs in cabinets, now we can look up a job in seconds from anywhere. The software allows us to easily email estimates to our customers in pdf format. In a year there was a return on investment just from eliminating the purchasing of our carbon forms."
Todd Cartmel
"The new system allows us to create and track jobs for customers along with inventory, something we had been doing with separate word and spreadsheet files. Because it’s now so intuitive, new staff members are able to begin using the database immediately without our usual training session and ‘cheat sheets’ for getting around within the file."
Tom Andrews