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Air Force Research Laboratory

Wright Patterson Air Force Base Chooses FileMaker WebDirect for Inventory Management

Air Force Research Laboratory

The Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base has been using FileMaker for over 10 years for several different inventory applications came to us to upgrade their FileMaker applications and utilize FileMaker WebDirect. In the new FileMaker system they wanted to add automation to ensure equipment maintenance was performed on time. Additionally, they would save time by no longer having to load FileMaker on all the machines in the department compared to FileMaker WebDirect

Business Challenge

Streamline the management of their inventory applications by consolidating the databases and making them easy to access via a web browser. In addition they wanted to increase adoption rates of the system.

Successful Solution

The solution was to upgrade the database to the current version of FileMaker and deploy a new simple interface that was intuitive and promoted user adoption. The interface is optimized for the browser using FileMaker WebDirect technology. With FileMaker being fully customizable, the solution was not only easier to access from any machine, but also consolidated the multiple different databases into 1 single application.

Customer Benefits

With the new FileMaker system now in place they have a modern web based application that makes it easy for everyone to access and manage inventory. In addition, our solution allows them to continue modifying the application in house moving forward. Everyone in the lab can now access the application via a web browser from any station. All of the inventory is in one single location making it easier then ever to access data in real time from anywhere in multiple departments.