FileMaker Support We customize your software to work the way you do.

Why FileMaker Support?

We provide ongoing assistance to clients who are looking to fix existing problems, add new features or refine their application.

When you work with us, you’ll be partnering with a team of experts who work with FileMaker all day, every day - so there’s a good chance we’ve solved your problem or know the time-tested solution. The support included with your Claris FileMaker license will only cover basics such as installation, but we can assist with scripting, development, and hosting issues that go further than your basic Claris Support. 

Whether you’re looking to address a specific need or issue, wanting to optimize your system, or simply need general FileMaker support, we’re here to guarantee you receive the help you need. 

More Than A Case Number

When you work with DB Services for FileMaker Support, you will work with the same team of developers for every issue. Our team will get to know you and your unique system, leading to faster fixes for your support issues!

filemaker support more than a case number
Claris FileMaker Certified Developer

Linda Findlay Owner

Thank you for all of your expertise and valuable help. I am so grateful to have found DB Services.”

Return on Investment

In many cases, you are better off improving your FileMaker application quickly versus a large project taking months or years, allowing you to receive an immediate return on investment. In addition, using an outside consultant for smaller fixes is less costly than employing an in-house FileMaker specialist. We can also save you money on FileMaker Licensing.

Optimize Your System

Our team of FileMaker experts can help you optimize your system’s performance to run more efficiently and effectively. We will ask the right questions, uncover your core business processes, and identify improvements that will help you get the most out of your investment in FileMaker.

Staff Augmentation

Let our seasoned FileMaker developers act as an extension of your team, filling in the gaps to provide the solutions that you need. Essentially, you’ll immediately gain FileMaker experts who will add their talents to your team on-demand to augment the skills and capacity of your organization and help you reach your goals.

filemaker support staff augmentation

Our FileMaker Services

Need FileMaker Support? Contact us today to get FileMaker support for everything from basic fixes to in-depth development and support needs.