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Claris FileMaker Pro 2024 Overview

claris filemaker pro 2024 overview.

FileMaker Pro 2024: What's New?

  • New AI Features and Script Steps

  • PSOS callback enhancements

  • JSONMakeArray function

  • API improvements

  • WebRTC for web viewers

New AI Scripting Methods

Claris FileMaker Pro 2024 is now equipped with a slew of new script steps aimed specifically to power up your solutions with AI.

  • Configure AI Account

  • Insert Embedding

  • Insert Embedding in Found Set

  • Perform Semantic Find

  • Set AI Call Logging

These new AI script steps make interacting with your favorite AI platforms easier, allowing you to easily interact with LLMs, embed vectors, and even perform finds in your FileMaker application. We will cover this in more detail in an upcoming article, so please stay tuned!

JSONMakeArray() Function

This new feature eliminates the process of manually creating a JSON array with a loop. The new JSONMakeArray() function just needs a separator and a JSON data type to convert any list of values into a JSON array.


Let var1 = "yellow,green,red"

JSONMakeArray( var1 ; "," ;  JSONString) will result in  string Json string array  ["yellow"; "green";"red"]

To learn more, read our article about JSON Enhancements in FileMaker 2024.

Local Notifications

  • The 'Configure Local Notification' script step is now supported on FileMaker Pro

  • The 'Configure Local Notification' script has been updated with a "Show when app in foreground" option to allow an alert to be displayed when FileMaker Go is in the foreground

GetLiveTextAsJSON() Function

Similar to GetLiveText(), this new function returns the text found in the image of the specified container field using the text-recognition algorithm. GetLiveTextAsJSON() has the added functionality of returning a JSON separating each line of text found in the image and the text's location within the image.

   "x" : 10;
   "y" : 5;
   "text" : " Hello World"

WebRTC for Web Viewers

Web viewers will now be able to support WebRTC, allowing for the integration of real-time communication in FileMaker solutions. This is an especially useful feature that will expand your FileMaker application's versatility, providing in-app video conferencing, voice, and more live-data streaming.

PSOS Callback Enhancements   

The 'Perform Script on Server with Callback' step now has a state option, which allows more control of a caller script’s behavior while the callee script runs. 

  • Pause: Will pause the script and wait for the callee script to finish executing

  • Resume: Will carry on with the caller script

  • Exit/ halt: Will stop the currently running script.

Execute Data API Function Update

  • Write Operations are now supported for the Execute Data API script step

  • Get() Error functions for the 'Execute Data API' script step now return the appropriate and informative data API errors.

Open Quickly Improvements

  • The keyboard shortcut for Open Quickly has been changed to Ctrl+K for Windows, and Command-K for macOS.

  • Open quickly can now be accessed from any mode.

  • Open quickly can now search for scripts and layouts across all open files, as well as display recent and favorite FileMaker Pro files.

  • A script can now be run and edited from Open Quickly depending on user privilege.

More Features

  • The Manage Database > Relationships Panel now supports Dark Mode.

  • New operators for JSON functions

    • [:] allows access to the last element in a JSON Array.

    • [+] creates an array with one element. ex: JsonSetElement ()

  • OnWindowTransaction script trigger now appears on a DDR.

  • --aws sigv4 cUrl option is now supported for the 'Insert URL' script step.

  • Saved XML outputs now include hashed of layout objects and script steps. This new functionality will help with detecting changes made to files

  • Saved XML files will no longer save image data for every instance of a custom icon. Instead, the image will be stored once and referenced by all instances.


Claris FileMaker Pro 2024 provides a wide range of new tools and features that make development easier and add a wider range of possibilities to our applications. We are excited to explore and leverage the latest FileMaker enhancements and assist you in crafting applications that align with your unique business needs!

If you're interested in trying out FileMaker 2024, you can download a free trial to try before you buy.

Contact us at DB Services if you have any questions or have Claris FileMaker needs.

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