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Reed Brown

Application Developer

reed brown headshot.

Reed is a friendly and optimistic developer who values connections and finds joy in supporting coworkers and clients. With an enthusiastic and collaborative approach, he builds team spirit and inspires others to reach their full potential, ensuring a positive and productive environment.

Reed graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in Telecommunications. During his time at IU, he was the Web Content Director of WIUX and participated in an all-campus jazz band. After graduating, he taught English, Social Studies, Computer Music, and Computer Science. He then took part in Eleven Fifty Academy’s Web Development Immersive Learning Program, where he received a Leadership award. He used his honed development skills and gained experience as a consultant, developer, and software engineer. 

Outside of work, Reed’s interests include video art, synthesizers, frisbee golf, and camping. He also runs a VHS rental store, Backroom Video, located in Irvington Vinyl & Books.

As an Application Developer, Reed plays a crucial role in designing, developing, and maintaining applications that are tailored to clients’ needs. He works closely with clients to understand project requirements, write code, and test for issues while prioritizing security and performance optimization. 

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